The Superstar and The Supernerd

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Chapter 1 - Awkward Moment



I heard my phone ring for the third time. I rubbed my eyes and tried to open them slowly as I reached for the source of the noise that woke me up.

With heavy eyelids, I peeked to see what time it was.

6:00 AM

I sighed and forced myself to sit up.
"Get up, Nicky. Time to get your drunken ass out of bed." It has been the same routine for six months now.

I got up early morning, worked the whole day and night until I was too tired to think then went home, away from the public eye I dwelled in daily for eighteen hours, and then drowned myself in glasses of wine until I passed out.

Every day, since I moved out from the apartment I shared with my best friend had been like this.

Lonely and Miserable.

I know people will think it is impossible for Nicky Mendei, the country's most popular movie star, phenomenal TV personality and most in-demand endorser to be lonely. But I was.



A5, 164pp, black and white

by Deng Delgado