The Gray Area

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After surviving the incident, VITA knew everything will never be the same. The mission given to her by the beautiful angel named Aya is quite surreal that she can't wrap her mind around it. How will Vita stop one of Satan's heirs? Heaven knows that she hasn't got a clue.

MORTE, the youngest prince of Hell, also known as death, strut around South Marea to urge people to commit suicide. Humans can't see him so he is quite stunned .when Vita yelled at him. Soon their worlds collided, a foreign feeling igniting between them. Everything seems fine until Morte broke the top rule set by Lucifer, his father. His stubborness brought trouble not only to himself but to Vita as well. 

There is one lesson he will learn though. That love never fails.



written by LC Brasil

5X8, 96pp, bw