Taming the Boss

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Working for the CEO of Cavendish Enterprises requires tremendous patience and time. Damon Cavendish is a demanding boss who expects me at his beck and call twenty-four hours. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m an emotionaless human being too.


But while my boss is the kind of man who exasperates me, his brother is the type of man I would fall head over heels. Although both of them displayed exquisite male beauty and intense sensual magnetism, Louis seems more compassionate than his older brother who roars at simple things.

Determined to woo Louis Cavendish, I’d do anything to catch his eyes, including getting a makeover and taking lessons of love. However, Damon is suddenly stirring up my hormones—talking about desire and possession. It makes me want to own him.


Nonetheless, both brothers are entwined with the shadows of their pasts, and it’s now coming to me. There shouldn’t be a choice. Sharing is a great sin, but I want them both. Will this be the worst decision of my life?



A5, 244 pages, black and white