Memoirs of my Lost Korean Boyfriend

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Kirstein has a mysterious and handsome Korean boyfriend named Gyungsuk.

They met in Minsyu Park in Seoul Korea, the place where they always meet. But one day, Gyungsuk never came back. Since then, Gyungsuk has been on Kirstein‟s mind. Until Kirstein had discovered a secret International Club known as Rokumeikan Kizoku, she began to be a member there.

And there, they crossed paths. But she found out that she can never be near him.

Gyungsuk belonged to a group called The Geonjukthe highest ranks in the club, they are untouchables.She dreamt to reach out to him, but there is only one way for this to happen.

Is to be part of the group itself, but there are certain deadly challenges and danger to be faced.


A5, 192 pages, bw