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A bilingual period piece set in 1950's New York that mixes Romance and Drama with the elements of Suspense.

Plot Summary:

Dei was determined to make sure her family survives the harsh life even when her father died a hero. She crossed the ocean after receiving an intriguing invitation, to pursue her dream only to wake up in what seem like a nightmare. A prison she may not survive. 

Richard, the handsome and formidable master of the mansion holds the key to a deep and dark secret that binds him to a beautiful woman. He vowed to guard his heart and pay for his family’s sins but is plagued with doubt that he will be able to keep his promise. 

What lies ahead is an uncertain future where even with all Dei had seen and Richard has done and been a part of, neither of them believe they can escape unscathed.




Deng Delgado. L'audition

Paperback, A5, 239 pages

English, French



Deng Delgado is a fiction writer based in the Philippines.

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