In Your Smile

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"If it's meant to be, it will find its way."

When her day couldn't get any worse, Maine Mendham, chef at Le Poisson who is currently running late for work, tripped and spilled her coffee on one of New York's hottest and richest bachelors, Richard White.

What she didn't know is that she already met him and their lives are connected in more ways than one. Are they really destined down this path? Will fate work its mysterious ways on them and finally succeed in bringing them together?


A6, full-color cover, 265pages


Jay Raphael is a registered nurse who graduated from University of Santo Tomas in the year 2011.

He is working part-time as a business, lifestyle and wellness coach at UHS Philippines in Makati City. Although he has a medical condition, he continues to be an inspiration to others, promoting health and wellness.