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Rowan fights with her fists, but cannot activate fire programs to save her life. Electric programmer Ren has always been weak and bullied, and cannot walk without help. Metal programmer Eloise can’t be anything but everyone’s enemy.  All are still students of the Basic Programming halls, but the capital of Pendi may change because of them. 

As the Crimson Master and his friends take their individual places in the capital, will they be enough to stifle a growing resentment between Selati and Pendika? Will helping the new breed of element programmers be enough to stop a disaster? 




EK Gonzales. Harmonics (tales of the activated)

Paperback, 5x8cm, 260 pages




EK resides in the Philippines. In a strange life, she has written one-act plays, articles, fan fiction, and short stories. She has been a copy editor for an anime magazine, and is a current advocate for local komiks.

Previous publications have been in Philippine Speculative Fiction 4, Philippine Genre Stories, Ruin and Resolve, and Horror: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults.