Flirty Habits

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He never rest from being an explorer of knowledge—he's a school boy who just like to study and study. He's almost a genius one because he knows everything; except for sex. Where will he really find the real happiness? To those girls he bedded and made them cry or to a girl who not just makes him happy in bed?


“I am Mule Drick Tiu, an innocent guy. Not until I craved for 'sexperience'. Jannah, Kylie, Kyla, Erica, Ariana, Maxene, Cheska, Ashley, Cherry, Jessica and Diana; name of those women I made cry, I made cry in bed.”

"I made them weep and thirst for me—women whom I pleasured but never loved for they only wanted my body."



“Flirty Habits”
Author: XamRed
Size: A5 (5.3 x 8.3 in)
Cover: Glossy

247 pages