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A double helping of romance featuring the stories Begin Again and Rock My World

Plot Summary:

Begin Again

The world starts spinning and then it was dark.

Nica Mae works hard for her family to survive, the one she chose to have on her own when life seems to cave in on her. Her life now is safe--safe from hurt and far from the time when she was on the verge of self-destruction.

He still has that slightly satisfied smirk that had made her heart melt so many times all those summers ago. Will she be able to resist the only man she ever loved?


Now a successful businessman, Richard is hellbent on finding what he regrets losing. He must bridge the gulf that distance and time have widened. For her, he must find her.

She is disarmingly beautiful and it breaks his heart into pieces but there are too many secrets that must first be revealed. He must confront their past and find a way to heal their scars and begin again.

Rock My World

Tight-laced young businessman RFJ is being groomed to be the next Mayor of their town by his politician father. He

has a chance encounter with inked grunge hottie Dei who ushers in a world rocked with excitement and controversies.


Languages: English, Filipino

Details: A5, 388 pages