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He captures her with orders to kill but ends up seeing her as more than just a hostage.

As he finds his heart slowly getting captivated, he gets torn between keeping her alive and finishing the job that he had been bound to do.


She was a lonely girl, constantly begging for her father's attention. She had been deprived of care and compassion for a long time, and she didn't expect to find it from her captor.

As she finds herself falling, she has to think of a way to escape her death and rescue him from his dark self in the process too.




6X9, full-color cover, 300pages


Anne Maniego is a self-confessed bibliophile. She's always been fascinated with books and literature. Anne spends most of her time penning stories with characters inspired mostly by her favorite people and different genres aiming to target different type of readers.

She currently resides in Canada with her family.