Beautifully Damaged : Ibrahim

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A robot.
A puppet.
A Barrel without anything.
A body without emotions.
Ibrahim is called a man without any emotion, he
doesn’t feel any pain, any guilt, any pity …. nothing.
For him, feeling is just an idea.
In his childhood, he never felt that so called love or to
be loved.
For him, love is just an imagination.
He was cold, unmoving, and he doesn’t even know and
understand why people get hurt. He promised himself
to never experience those, not until he met Jasmine.
She was he’s total opposite.
The only person who made him realize and felt things
he never wanted before.
He ate the entire things he said before, was it too much
if he’ll include Jasmine to the thing he’d Eat?



6X9 , 217pages