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“I've seen giants stepping on the small and helpless, and I've seen children on the streets at midnight afraid to go home because they didn't earn enough to feed their families. And now I don't.

“Our heroes will never be perfect, but if we stop believing in them, if we stop trusting them, then the giants will return.”

In the year 2050, Patrick "Paquino" Aquino: president of the Philippines, former superhero, and murderer—not necessarily in that order—deals with the consequences of his actions following four years of martial law and the raid that ended a bloody political dynasty in the far north.

With a death sentence looming over his head and a revolution rising against him, he begins to wonder if his bid to save the country, made back when he was the impetuous young bayani Lastikid, is worth dying for.


A5, full-color cover, 157pages



Motzie Dapul is a  writer-illustrator-animator who loves Philippine mythology and culture.

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