After Us

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In where Eliza Mendoza decides to write a book about the things she never told Alexander Faulkerson.

"Guys," Eliza calls out, not looking up from her computer. "How does Please Come Back sound as a book title?"


Written in both English and Tagalog, this is Nina De Castro Matira’s independent debut novel that sold over two hundred copies nationwide—a story of perspective and forgiveness, Eliza Mendoza and Alexander Faulkerson will take you on a journey about losing and finding yourself and learning how to love again and always.


A5, 286pp

Multilingual Edition: English and Tagalog


Nina De Castro Matira debuted her first novel at seventeen. She’s a Psychology major with now two books under her wing. She likes dogs, sleep, and coffee—in no particular order.

Find her on Twitter: @ninadecastro_ or Instagram under the same handle.

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