A Glorious Mess

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Chad Anderson was living a monotonous life until he found her at the side of the road in the middle of the night--a biker chic in trouble. The moment he laid eyes on the spitfire beauty, she almost had him forgetting who he was. The feeling of excitement mixed with danger felt strange for his normally calm and collected self. They parted with only her name and nothing else which sent him into a tailspin of emotion.


Mina Salazar has been living and facing danger alone determined to keep proving to herself she’s not a failure. Her reckless streak is a mile wide and is constantly trying to earn her father’s approval. She was all business and refused to be distracted and stay out of trouble. Unaware but soon enough, trouble became a four-letter word called love.


His search for the mysterious beauty didn’t last long when she just walked back into his life. Chad soon discovered Mina was clearly in danger. Big danger! And she desperately needed him to help her but how could he unravel her aura of danger and mystery if he kept tripping over his heart?


She couldn’t remember the last time she felt she’s home and not even who she was.



Languages: English, Filipino



164 pages

Narrated in English with English and Filipino dialogues.